To maintain roller coaster in high temperature

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 It’s very hot in July and August ,the temperatures generally above 30 degrees,how can

we maintain roller coaster in hot summer ?that’s the main problem for majority of park

amusement owner.Here are several methods to maintain roller is hanging

the awning the amusement rides ,such as mini roller coaster,mini shuttle etc .this is

suitable for small size mini roller coaster,size should under one hundred square meter.

Caterpillar roller coaster,Sliding dragon roller coaster etc.Those equipment with a larger

size than mini shuttle ,it’s hard to hang an awning.

Under high temperatures ,how can we keep good business ?children are the main guest
of those amusement rides,but their parents don’t wanna them playing under such high
temperatures.To avoid this problem , we’d better to add new indoor amusement rides.
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